5 Movies To Watch On Christmas Day That Celebrate The True Meaning of Christmas

It seems that Christmas has become more of a to do list and a to buy list than a meaningful day to spend with family. This Christmas, gather around the television as a family and start a new tradition celebrating the true meaning of Christmas watching Christmas movies.

A Charlie Brown Christmas A Charlie Brown Christmas, sadly, tells a story most can relate to. Charlie is upset by all of the modern and commercialized aspects of Christmas and tries to keep tradition alive and capture the real meaning of Christmas; unfortunately he is laughed at by his friends for his efforts. In the end, however, both Charlie Brown and his friends come around and share in meaningful Christmas activities.

The Polar Express The Polar Express is a fun film for the whole family, including children; but it also carriers a deeper message. The boy, who is wavering in his belief in Santa Claus, is picked up by a North Pole bound train on Christmas Eve. The boy comes away with compassion for a lonely little boy who comes from a bad home, and a very special gift. He is chosen to receive a gift and chooses a magical bell from Santa’s sleigh; only believers can hear the bell, and the boy sees this when he and his sister hear the beautiful sound on Christmas morning while their parents cannot.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a Must See. On the surface the Grinch seems to be a mean creature who hates Christmas and simply wants to torture the poor Whos he is trying to take Christmas away from. in the end viewers as well as the Whos see that the Grinch was treated badly and became mean as a result. The Grinch and the Whos learn what Christmas is all about after the Whos make things right by treating the Grinch with kindness.

A Christmas Story A Christmas Story is another must see family Christmas movie. Amidst hilarious squabbles and unfortunate but funny events; the film’s overriding theme is that the bonds of family are strong. From sympathy and help from a mother to a son to a very special Christmas gift from a father to his son; the film is a wonderful choice for a family Christmas movie.

Disney’s a Christmas Carol The greedy, Christmas hating, Ebenezer Scrooge is taken on a journey of his past, present and future to remind him of his painful past that resulted in his selfish and greedy ways and show him what could happen if she does not change his ways. On Christmas morning the Scrooge wakes to find it was a dream and is so happy that he does change. He spends Christmas spreading the joy of Christmas to those less fortunate, and continues to live his life as a generous man.