Underground Strategies That Rich Lotto Winner’s Swear by

Who else wants to learn how to win the lottery? Sounds like a pretty silly question, right? It’s to most people, the thought of winning a big pile of cash for doing NOTHING other than picking a few numbers correctly can sound FAR too good to be true! But the fact is, while most of us will NEVER even come close to getting any real lottery winnings….there are a small but super RICH subset of people who have not only hit it big ‘ve actually won the jackpot MANY times, and in many different games, contests and even Countries to boot! Curious to know what they’re secret is?
If you have been trying (and failing) at winning ANYTHING at all with your local lotto, this article was written with YOU in mind! Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

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Probably the most widely known, yet little understood ways to manipulate the lottery winnings. The truth? Some people have a super hard time wrapping their brains around some of these in actuality, with a wee bit of guidance, they aren’t hard to understand at all. Simply stated, there are very specific ways to “game” the numbers in your favor, depending on exactly what sort of lottery you are playing (local or national) and what sort of odds the system publishes going in.

Many people, for example, have had TREMENDOUS success winning MULTIPLE times on many smaller local lotto’s….simply by applying simple mathematical models to what seems like simple chance. (it’s obviously not!) And armed with an unfair advantage….those very same mathematical principles start to parlay themselves in your favor, and FAST!

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Truly a magical strategy for manifesting would sound like a hard thing to believe, if it weren’t for some of the AMAZING results that many repeat winners have gotten! Simple law of attraction style thinking, visualization techniques and even combining THOUGHT based manifestation models with simple mathematical strategies like in #1, have made a small, “underground” but SINFULLY successful subset of lottery players very wealthy! (and very sought after speakers as well..:-)

Senior citizen Helen Hadsdell, for example, in the UK has been reported to have won many, many different contests, lotto’s and “random” draw events by using a combination of both money manifestation and number selection strategies, and regardless of what the skeptics ‘s pretty hard to argue with her results! (or the many others like her!)